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How to Wear a Dog Harness Safely and Effectively


The correct way to wear a dog leash is an important factor in walking, walking and creating a good relationship with your pet. Let GauGau provide detailed instructions on how to safely and effectively put on a dog leash to ensure a pleasant walking experience for both you and your four-legged friend.

1. Why is wearing a dog leash important?

Wearing a dog leash is important because it brings many benefits to both the dog and the dog owner. Wearing a dog leash:

  • Helping you control your dog in outdoor environments helps secure both you and your dog in dangerous situations.
  • Prevent pets from approaching hazards such as vehicles, wild animals, and bad situations.

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  • Reflective dog leashes help prevent your pet from running away or getting lost in new, or dark, environments.
  • It also helps you guide the training and control of your dog during exercise.

2. How to choose the right dog leash for your pet

For each breed of dog, there will be a type of leash suitable for your pet. The following are criteria to help you wear a dog leash properly:

  • Consider your dog's size and weight: The leash should be strong enough to withstand the tension caused by the dog's pulling, and long enough to allow the dog to move freely.

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  • Your pet's size, breed and body characteristics to find a safe and suitable way to wear a dog leash.
  • Choose materials that suit your environment and activities.
  • You can also choose to wear a dog leash in the color and design you like to show off you and your dog's style.
  • Choose reflective dog leash models so that when walking at night, you can manage your dog more easily.

3. Instructions on how to wear a dog leash safely, effectively and easily

3.1. How to put a leash on a dog

Before wearing a dog walker, you must always put your dog in the most comfortable position:

Step 1: Stand behind your dog and hold the lead in your dominant hand
Step 2: Place one side of the clasp or buckle on your dog's collar.
Step 3: Adjust the leashes to make sure they are not too tight or too loose.

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3.2. How to make sure your dog doesn't get hurt or harassed

Notes to ensure your pet's safety:

  • Always supervise your dog when you are wearing a leash. This ensures you can react quickly if a dangerous situation arises.
  • Avoid pulling and tugging on the leash, especially if you are using a collar. Pulling hard can cause damage to the dog's neck and spine.
  • Train your dog so that it knows how to control and listen to your commands. This helps avoid situations of harassment or conflict with other people or dogs while walking.
  • When going for a walk, avoid dangerous situations such as large crowds or flooded roads.

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Thus, GauGau has shared information on how to wear a dog leash safely and effectively that anyone can do. Hope you and your pet have fun moments and beautiful memories together.


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