Our Mission

The story of GaugauPet begins with the adorable sounds of young puppies barking. It was on a crisp autumn morning in 2015 when Emma adopted a tiny puppy and named him Gaugau after the natural and endearing sound he always made.

Since then, Emma and Gaugau's lives have become happier than ever. They embarked on numerous adventures, strolling along the beach and enjoying sunny days together. Emma realized the love and joy Gaugau brought her life were unmatched.

The moments of happiness with Gaugau inspired Emma to create GaugauPet. She believed all pets deserve the best quality products and accessories for their care and well-being. That's why she decided to create safe, beautiful, and genuinely useful products for pets and their owners.

GaugauPet is not just a pet care accessories brand but also a symbol of Emma's love and dedication to Gaugau and all pets worldwide. We are committed to bringing you and your pets the finest products with sincere love and care. We understand that your pets are an essential part of your family, and we will always be here to help you take care of and cherish them in the best possible way.

- Gaugau-