Collection: Orthopedic Dog Beds

Your dog, vast and elderly, can suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other conditions due to muscle and bone thinning while the skeleton must support the entire body. This causes their joints to ache throughout the day. Orthopedic foam dog beds are the solution to giving your pup the support and comfort they deserve. Thick orthopedic foam is suitable for both medium and large breeds. It is designed for your Large dog, helping to distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure or pain in the joints and spine.

 Our orthopedic beds have a lifetime “No Flattening Guarantee” to ensure long-lasting comfort and support. Instead, they will have many years of comfortable and quiet sleep after each long day of dog duty.

• American CertiPUR-USA foam 3-5 inches thick

• Non-toxic to dogs and your family

• Lifetime warranty against collapse

• No pressure points and support over 300 lbs

• Evenly distribute weight to all dogs

• Available in our entire product line