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How to dog shower in winter - Detailed dog bathing process!


Dog hygiene is very important. However, not everyone knows exactly how to bathe a dog in winter. What's different about bathing dogs in cold weather and what do you need to pay attention to? Let's find out with GauGau now!

1. Should dogs be bathed in winter?

Answer is possible. However, in winter, you will need to pay attention to some additional issues when bathing your dog. Especially for bathing frequency.
If the dog is not bathed thoroughly, it can cause skin diseases such as: scabies, fungus, mites, etc. However, you should not overdo bathing your dog because they are very susceptible to colds during the season. winter. At that time, the dog's resistance will be very weak and create opportunities for other diseases to invade.

2. Scientific instructions on how to bathe dogs in winter

2.1. Frequency of bathing

You don't need to bathe your dog too much in winter. Just once every 2-3 weeks is enough. Bathing too many times in cold weather will cause your dog to catch a cold.

2.2. How to bathe your dog in winter

2.2.1. Choose a bath time

You should only bathe your dog when they are very dirty. If your dog has just a little bit of oil and dust on his coat, you may want to consider using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo also has a very good cleaning effect for dogs. In addition, it also saves you time and effort.

But when your dog is too dirty to use dry shampoo, you must bathe them. It's best to bathe your dog at noon. At this time the temperature of the day will be highest and the dog will feel much more comfortable than bathing in the early morning or late afternoon!
Another thing to note is that you should bathe your dog indoors or in a sheltered place! Revealing to you GauGau's dog bath gun, it has an adapter head to connect to the shower, and adjusts the warm water temperature to make your dog comfortable when bathing. Many people have the habit of bathing their dogs outside in the garden. But in winter, the outdoor temperature is very low, so bathing outdoors will make your dog cold!

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2.2.2. Prepare before bathing

You need to prepare items such as shampoo, towels and dryer near the dog bathing area. Dogs can get cold with wet fur while waiting for you to get the necessary supplies.
If possible, you should turn on the heater in the place where your dog is bathed. If you don't have one, you can keep your dog warm by letting him stand in a tub of warm water. This will maintain your dog's warmth throughout the bathing process.

 2.2.3. Dog bathing process

First, you need to brush your dog. In winter, the dog's fur is very dry and easily tangled, so combing the fur before bathing will limit the dog's hair loss after bathing.
Use GauGau dog bath gun Wet the body with warm water. Then turn the switch to create soap and apply evenly all over the body. After cleaning the stains. You just need to rinse with water to remove all the soap. Note that this process needs to be done as quickly as possible. Avoid giving your dog long baths.

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2.2.4. After shower

After bathing, wrap a dry towel over their body. Next, use a dryer to let the dog's hair dry completely. This is especially necessary with long-haired dog breeds. Use it at the lowest level possible. Keep at least 20cm away from your dog's fur to avoid burning the skin.

3. Useful tips when bathing dogs in winter

Do not let your dog go outdoors when his fur is not yet dry or when he has just finished bathing.
Choose a shampoo specifically designed for winter. It's best to use a moisturizing shampoo. This type of oil will help smooth, silky fur, softer skin and increase the ability of the dog's body to retain heat - Avoid dry and peeling skin in dogs.
You should brush your pet regularly to keep the fur soft and smooth. This will help the dog keep warmer better than a tangled coat. (GauGau's booth has many high-end grooming products to help your dog stay smooth and shiny).

Above are useful tips on how to bathe dogs in winter that GauGau sent to you. Hope you will take good care of your dog!

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