Discover interesting facts about dog bath guns. Why should you use a dog bath gun? - GAUGAUPET.COM

Discover interesting facts about dog bath guns. Why should you use a dog bath gun?

Introducing GauGau's dog bathing gun, which brings a fun experience for both you and your pet

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Dogs are our loyal friends, daily walks and playing around in the mud makes their fur tangled with dirt. You can rest assured that you have GauGau's dog bathing gun as your companion. The dog bath gun is intelligently designed with an adapter connected to the shower head that can adjust the water temperature, making it convenient for you to bathe your dog in the winter without worrying about the dog getting cold.
The shower gun has a foam soap dispenser and only needs to be adjusted with a switch.
The shower gun has high pressure so it will meet all your needs. From watering plants, bathing dogs and even washing cars, it's very convenient.

Steps for Using a Dog Bath Gun

  •  Prepare a suitable shower gel.
  •  Put shower gel into the gun's container.
  •  Adjust water temperature.
  •  Select water pressure and create foam. 

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Dog bath gun brings happiness
 Think about it, bathing a dog is an extremely tedious and time-consuming thing, with buckets and basins and everything in disarray. But the GauGau dog bath gun is extremely new and convenient. Everything from soap to foam you don't need to waste time, just turn on the rotary switch and everything is ready.
While bathing and playing with them using a pressure sprayer, let them run and chase the sprayer around your garden.
A clean, fun and happy bath for both you and your dog.

Let your dog always smell clean and fresh every day. Enjoy the love you give them after each fun and happy bathing session.



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