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What is a lint roller? Can it clean dust and dog and cat hair?

Cats and dogs are two commonly raised animals in many families. When they scratch or shake, their hair sticks everywhere. Many people have chosen hair rollers to solve the hair condition of dogs and cats. Let's find out with GauGau what a lint roller is? Can it clean dust and dog and cat hair?

There are many ways to help limit dog and cat hair loss, which affects your health. The hair roller is one method that is popular with many people. It not only rolls hair but also rolls dust. Please refer to the following article to know more about this hair roller.

1 What is a hair roller?

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Hair rollers are made to help remove pet hair easily and help keep the animals' environment clean and fresh. The product saves time and does not require electricity when used, so many people choose it.

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Shaped like a roller or like a brush, depending on the supplier, it has different sizes. Has the functions of electrostatic adsorption, vacuuming, hair removal, suitable for items with fluff.

2 Can a hair roller remove dust and dog or cat hair?

Nowadays, hair rollers are widely used by many people, because the roller's effects are so great. Especially those who often keep pets at home, want to clean up the hair that is stuck everywhere to avoid affecting the children or themselves.

The roller can also clean dust easily. Just roll back and forth on the surface of the furniture, pick up the pet hair, open the lid and you will see the trash can is full of pet hair and the furniture is still clean as before. Open the waste compartment and throw away the fur baby in the trash. With a 100% reusable pet hair lint roller, you no longer waste money on refills or batteries. Cost-effective product for pet hair removal.

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GauGau hopes this article can bring you useful information about hair rollers. And choose this product to help safely clean your family's space.

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